D&S i5000

Introducing the new, powerful i5000! It is the latest innovation in a long history of industry firsts from D&S Car Wash Equipment Company. The i5000 is designed with proven technology adapted from the high performance “Quicksilver” and the industry workhorse, “D&S 5000”. The i5000 offers greater flexibility of recipes; it has fewer moving parts which result in less maintenance; and it is more energy efficient due to its lightweight construction.

The i5000 is also the perfect in-bay automatic for Automobile Dealerships and C-stores with small bays. The machine produces a sleek, “open bay” look. It is quick and easy to install, simple to operate. For current D&S 5000 owners, the i5000 is the perfect rehab solution. The gantry can be retrofitted to any existing D&S 5000 arch and pumpstand.

In addition, the gantry is 3 inches wider than the D&S 5000 (between spinner tips) to accommodate wider vehicles. The new i5000 delivers even greater performance and reliability. It is smarter. The bottom line is… more profit!



Options: To maximize income potential

Undercarriage with Mosmatic Wheel Blaster • Intelligent Door Controller • Quickrain • Bug off • Tri Gloss • Air Treadle Clean and Easy Treadle • Blowdown with, or without, Freeze-not • Vertical Presoak • Winter Package • Automatic Hot Water Temperature Control

Flexible Wash Programming Enhanced Safety Logic
Flexible Wash Programming Enhanced Safety Logic

Recipes can include 1 to 10 passes. For each pass, the following parameters are programmable:

  • Wash function
  • Speed (normal or slow)
  • Stopping point (top or bottom)
  • Dwell time
  • Soak time
  • With the Intelligent Door Controller the door eyes enhance safety by preventing the gantry from coming down if a vehicle is blocking the door eyes
  • Blockage of one of the Gantry Eyes will not terminate the wash; rather the system will remember that location and continue the wash without going past that point
  • Active Telco eyes throughout wash
D&S i5000 Package


  • Gantry Arches: 266" L
  • Gantry: 11" W 8'2" H
  • Vehicle Height: 7’
  • Vechile Width: 91"(mirror tip to mirror tip)
  • Avg Wash Time: 3 min
  • Water Consumption: 45 to 65 gallons per wash
  • Pump Pressure: 100psi


  • Bay: 14' W x 25' L
  • Bay Height: 9' (10' with dryer)
  • Equipment Room: 100 sq ft.


  • Power(without dryers): 125 amp/3ph @ 208 V
  • Pump Motor: 25hp / 208 – 230 V / 3hp / 60hz
  • Hydraulic Power Pack: 3hp


  • 1/2" Supply Line: 10cfm@90psi of filtered, dry air


  • Cold Soft: 1" cold soft. 35gpm@50psi
  • Hot Soft: 3/4" hot soft. 5gpm@50psi
  • Spot Free: 1 1/2" spot free. 10 gallons per wash