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IQ 2.0

Car Wash

So incredibly simple. . .

Smarter. Cleaner. Greener.™

D&S Car Wash Systems were developed with simplicity in mind to efficiently clean the vehicle – reaching areas usually missed by other car wash systems – and for ease of operation and maintenance.

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2 Options: Soft touch or Touch Free

IQ 2.0 Car Wash System features:


  • 3D vehicle scanning technology to know what it's cleaning

  • Proprietary graphical user interface; control every facet of your wash in real time remotely from anywhere in the world

  • Customizes and optimizes wash for any vehicle by tracking location using invisible treadle and positioning

  • Touchscreen technology to configure, customize, control, operate, and troubleshoot system

  • Pre-soak for every vehicle

  • Scrubs front and rear of each vehicle, with all 3 brushes spinning both directions

  • Brushes gently hug vehicle for consistent, overall safe contact

  • Cleans up to 20″ rims with targeted wheel cleaner and tire cannon

Eco-Friendly System Operation

  • Reduces water consumption

  • Reduces chemical consumption

  • Reduces effluent for lower sewer costs

  • Reduces power consumption

  • Installs simply and efficiently

  • Reduces noise with whisper quiet washing

  • Simplifies permitting process

  • Both IQ 2.0 models share 90% of the same components for fewer spare parts requirements

  • Precisely controls wash functions

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Westech Supply Lubbock, TX in-bay carwas
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Construction & Functionality

  • Lightweight aluminum construction

  • Self-driven side spinners (no belts/pulleys)

  • Springless gantry drive

  • Single-pump, pumpstand

  • Hydra-Flex injector system

  • Intuitive, simple door-mounted touch screen interface

Flexible Wash Programming

Recipes can include 1 to 10 passes — with the following parameters:

  • Wash function

  • Speed (normal or slow)

  • Stopping point (top or bottom)

  • Dwell time

  • Soak time

Enhanced Safety Logic

  • Intelligent Door Controller eyes by preventing the gantry from coming down if a vehicle is blocking

  • Blockage of one of the gantry eyes will not terminate the wash; rather the system will remember that location and continue the wash without going past that point

  • Active Telco eyes throughout wash

i5000 Touch Free

Flexible recipes..


energy efficient...

Built c-stores with small bays...a sleek “open bay” look.

Perfect rehab solution...retrofitted to any existing D&S 5000 arch and pump stand. 

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