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in-bay A U T O M A T I C S

IQ 2.0

Car Wash

So incredibly simple. . .

Smarter. Cleaner. Greener.™

D&S Car Wash Systems were developed with simplicity in mind to efficiently clean the vehicle – reaching areas usually missed by other car wash systems – and for ease of operation and maintenance.

IQ 2.0 carwash Westech Supply.png

IQ 2.0 Car Wash System features:


  • 3D vehicle scanning technology to know what it's cleaning

  • Proprietary graphical user interface; control every facet of your wash in real time remotely from anywhere in the world

  • Customizes and optimizes wash for any vehicle by tracking location using invisible treadle and positioning

  • Touchscreen technology to configure, customize, control, operate, and troubleshoot system

  • Pre-soak for every vehicle

  • Scrubs front and rear of each vehicle, with all 3 brushes spinning both directions

  • Brushes gently hug vehicle for consistent, overall safe contact

  • Cleans up to 20″ rims with targeted wheel cleaner and tire cannon

Eco-Friendly System Operation

  • Reduces water consumption

  • Reduces chemical consumption

  • Reduces effluent for lower sewer costs

  • Reduces power consumption

  • Installs simply and efficiently

  • Reduces noise with whisper quiet washing

  • Simplifies permitting process

  • Both IQ 2.0 models share 90% of the same components for fewer spare parts requirements

  • Precisely controls wash functions


IQ 2.0 Brochure

2 Options: Soft touch or Touch Free

IQ 2.0 Touch Free.png
IQ 2.0 Soft Touch.png
Westech Supply Lubbock, TX in-bay carwas

IQ MAX  Large VEHICLE wash


The IQ MAX is a highly flexible wash system capable of cleaning virtually any size vehicle with maximum efficiency.  From sprinter vans and work trucks to semi trailers and school buses, and of course every make of automobile can be precision cleaned. The system may be configured for a wide range of bay lengths depending on your needs.


  • Custom Wash Experience

The proven, proprietary technology scans and profiles each vehicle for its unique characteristics and then utilizes that profile to follow the contours of the vehicle for a custom wash experience.


  • 3-D Vehicle Scanning

Allowing for a truly custom wash for every vehicle, every time.


  • Variable Frequency Drive

Provides energy-efficient motor control.

  • High Powered Cleaning

Top wand nozzles & rotating side wands to clean tough to reach areas.

  • Ease of Maintenance

The self-diagnosis provides status updates and alerts you when it needs maintenance.

  • Return on Investment

Delivers a high-pressure, touch-free wash that results in higher throughput and helps reduce labor costs.

  • Energy Saving Design

The IQ MAX’s lighter weight reduces power consumption and its low-amp electric driven motors with VFD controls optimize input power to conserve energy. 3-D vehicle scans eliminate over application of chemicals.


  • Tech Savvy

Web-enabled connectivity allows for remote programming and data review such as daily wash counts and service issues.

IQ MAX Brochure


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