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Westech Supply Lubbock self serve carwas

IQ SELF wash

So incredibly simple. . .

Smarter. Cleaner. Greener.™

  • 1-6 bay self service

  • VFDs and direct driven motors control the pump speed

  • Operating pressures are adjustable between 0 & 1500 psi

  • 5 HP electric motors, made in the US craftsmanship.

  • Pre-plumbed and pre-wired for fast install

  • Tankless — no need for storage tanks


space saver


economical...easy install...

D&S Space Saver Self Serve Systems offer Pre-Soak, Tire & Engine Cleaning, Soap, Foam Brush, Rinse, and Wax from the same self-contained, pre-plumbed, and pre-wired unit. There’s nothing to add on – all functions are controlled by one system

  • Sold in a complete economical car wash package

  • Includes the Coin Meters, Bay Manifolds, Dual Booms, Trigger Guns, Wand Holders, Foaming Brushes, and Bay Signs for each bay​

  • High quality, stainless steel construction

  • 5 HP  electric motors and made in the US craftsmanship

  • Engineered for precision control of pressure, chemical and water flow​

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