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pay S T A T I O N S

Hamilton Pay Stations



  • Custom Door, Cabinet, and Base Wraps

Your logo, branding, and marketing messages can be incorporated into a unique wrap design for 360 degrees of supreme visibility.

  • Customizable & Configurable Touch Screen Display

Segment your service offerings to make selections quick and intuitive for customers. CTK can sell single washes, bundles, and RFID packages.

  • EMV Credit Card Processing

EMV (chip card) processing solutions are available for both US and Canadian markets, with support for contactless payment methods such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

  • Loyalty Program Integration

Offer monthly wash clubs for a steady stream of recurring revenue with either our ExpressPass RFID or LPR (License Plate Recognition) technologies.

  • Barcode Scanner

CTK can redeem Single Use Codes, Wash Bundles, app codes, receipt codes, and more with the available barcode scanner.

  • Wash Bundles

Sell Wash Bundles directly at the pay station to guarantee return business. A unique code is printed on the receipt which the customer scans until the bundle is depleted.

  • Custom Mobile App Integration

Hamilton can build a custom mobile app for your car wash, giving you an exceptional direct marketing tool. CTK provides lightning-fast app code redemption to initiate wash services.

  • Single Use Codes & Receipt Codes

Issue Single Use Codes for customer service and marketing initiatives, and offer discount codes on receipt to encourage return business.

  • Unbeatable Security and Build Quality

CTK is built with a meticulously formed 11-gauge stainless steel door & cabinet, and includes a host of security and theft-prevention features.

HTK Pay Station

HTK  is a powerful unattended kiosk designed to engage your customers and grow your business through innovative technologies, superior marketing capabilities, and outstanding security & durability.

X Station Car Wash Pay Station Features


The X Station Car Wash Pay Station utilizes a custom design, merging specially chosen components that offer a premium experience for your clients, improving your throughput while spurring your bottom line. Pay station features include:

  • Smart change – Stores money from previous customers and uses it to make change for the next customer ($1s, $5s, and $10s).

  • Bank note recycler – The banknote recycler allows you to load in or cash out your X Station without employees needing to touch the cash.

  • Less bank needed - Our bill recycler feature also requires less than half the traditional start-up bank.

  • Full HVAC system – Drastically reduced internal humidity extends the life of internal components.

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